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fic → 04: and it is why you will fail

Title: and it is why you will fail
Fandom: Avengers
Characters: Loki
Word Count: 196
Rating: G
Warnings/Notes: for virtual_toast. Written for the prompt Loki considers the concept of movies. Or moreso, humanity's preoccupation with the culture of movies. I hope you like it. I really love it. (and again, apologies that this is a day late :3) happy holidays ♥

‘Humanity is meant to be ruled.’

Loki smiles at the crowd. ‘After all, aren’t you already? How can you tell me your freedom isn’t a mere illusion when you elevate these mere actors, and characters, to the level of the gods?’ he begins.

‘To you they do no harm. You care about their relationships, their thoughts, their opinions, even their menial everyday activities; you would gladly give up your freedom for them would you not? Would you do almost anything they asked of you had they the chance?’ he spat violently. ‘What makes them so special? They have no remarkable abilities or miraculous ideas,’ Loki pauses for a few seconds, laughing to himself as if he finds the whole idea amusing.

‘Oh no no no. I don’t think it’s them. I think it’s you. It’s humanity. You want to be ruled; you are perfectly comfortable being enslaved. You’d just rather be ignorant…’ he stood taller, walking forward, finding new confidence in his plan.

‘To you ignorance is freedom. I do not let you have your ignorance, and that is why you reject me.'

He smiles again. 'And it is also why you will fail.’

Tags: ~fic, ~fic: drabble

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