June 23rd, 2012

{Music} CHVRCHES: lauren

the thing about hannah burley

This is a rant that's been a long time coming. Sticking up for Hannah when almost no one else would pretty much made me have ALL THE HANNAH FEELINGS. I've pretty much driven my friends and family to not ask me anything about Bones because, intentional or not, I will inevitably end up in a rant about Hannah Burley and the problem with how that fandom sees women.

So I'm here to explain them, because I believe she's a really great person. She's a strong character that was never used to her full potential. She is relatable. She is not a mary sue or the biggest bitch to ever walk the earth (trust me, I've seen both extremes from the Bones fandom). This is why I love her, relate to her and will stick up for her forever.

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